Too High The Son- Maidment Theatre Auckland

NZ Listener 

“... A breathtaking combination of wit, imagination and physical bravura....Too High the Son is something very special, a fantasia brimming with such invention, freshness and charm that it would be a worthy ambassador for New Zealand on any stage in the world. It is like being handed a boarding pass to the future.”

The Exchange - Downstage Theatre Wellington
France Hervé, Stephen Bain

The Dominion 
“A magical amalgam of music, dance and language, the production of the Exchange by Under Lili’s Balcony is theatre both thrilling and profoundly challenging. The music, from Jeff Hendreson on the saxophone and Steve Cournane on drums and percussion, accompagnies the actors, moulding and supporting their words and movements. Steven Marriott Lloyd’s set is stunning with its grainy walls and polished steel floor, while Andrew Foester’s lighting is superb. Original in concept, daring in design, immaculately performed, The Exchange is the most exciting production in Wellington this year.”

The Tower Under the Sky - Studio 77 Wellington

The Evening Post

“ Assured, inventive and technically sophisticated. For once theatre the claim that a show is               “ a multimedia event” is true, and the Tower Under the Sky, succeeds with each media is uses.
Stephen Bain and France Hervé continue to demonstrate their commitment to explore theatrical limits, using not only text and movement, but lighting, sound and music...
It is mesmerising and fascinating.”

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The Abattoir - STAB Festival Wellington

Theatre News
“A very New Zealand topic with universal implications is given the French surrealistic-absurdist treatment and its both funny and thought-provoking. The contemporary relevance is undeniable - in the land of the three million dollar millstone, Te Papa Museum, that threatens to capsize Wellington into its harbour. Under Lili’s Balcony questions other theatres too. Next to this, conventional theatre looks like a Museum, with nicely constructed works on the wall, threatened with laughter by the Abattoir.”

City Voice
“The Abattoir has a deliciousness of language rarely seen in the capitals theatres. A mature play by the styley and sophisticated Under Lili’s Balcony, carried by a grade A group of actors.”

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